What do you think a Literacy Strategy should look like?

CBE developed a Literacy Strategy. Does it match your expectations?

Here is the "Outcome" of the strategy:

Outcome: Each CBE student will participate in intentional, joyful literacy learning and progress and achieve in their learning programs.

So, before I comment further in this Blog (which I plan to do quite soon) please would you share your thoughts? 

I expect an outcome to describe the state of affairs after the strategy has been enacted.

Do you? Please comment!

You will find the CBE Literacy Strategy on pages 7 & 8 of the 2016-2019 Three Year Education Plan that I linked for you. 

Click on the blue title of this post and the Comments box will magically appear at the bottom of this post! I'm eager to hear your thoughts. 



           What does literacy look like for you? 

           What does literacy look like for you? 

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