More places to visit to get quality information, resources and research:

“The Reading League’s mission is to advance the:

  • Awareness,

  • Understanding, and

  • Use of evidence-based reading instruction”

    (from their website)

On their Knowledge Base page you’ll find links to books, videos and podcasts, including Emily Hanford’s Hard Words.

“The Florida Center for Reading Research is a multidisciplinary research center at Florida State University that was established in 2002 by the Governor's office and Legislature. Currently, FCRR is home to nine tenured and tenure-track faculty members holding joint appointments with the College of Arts & Sciences or College of Education.” (from their site)

Listen to Mark Seidenberg (Reading Scientist) being interviewed by John McWhorter (Linguist) about why schools aren’t teaching all children to read. The final 10 minutes (from about the 20 minute mark) speaks specifically to dyslexia (and the mistaken idea some put forward that it doesn’t exist).

Emily Hanford is an education journalist who did 3 excellent investigative reports on the state of reading and reading instruction. All 3 audion documentaries and text in one place!

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