About sara

Sara was born in Edmonton, raised in Ontario and came back west for graduate school. She has been an enthusiastic Albertan ever since! Her career began in schools throughout Alberta. She was a travelling consultant in the early 1990’s and became a psychologist in 1992. Sara moved to Calgary in 1997 and joined the Calgary Board of Education (CBE). She enjoyed being there for nearly 20 years, working hard for students and their families.

Sara once ran to be a School Trustee. Here’s what was said then:

“Sara cares deeply about public policy and education. Her undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Applied Science in Child Studies. Additionally, she holds both B.Ed. and M. Ed degrees and has specific expertise with respect to reading and all types of learning disabilities. Sara spent most of her time with CBE at the system level. She collaborated with senior leaders, area personnel, school principals and school staff across the city. She knows how the system works. She knows what is going well and what the public is not so pleased about. Sara communicates well with parents, the public, and educators; she knows both the “language” of the school system as well as how real people think and speak in our communities.

Sara believes that it is critical to consider how public resources are used to further the well being of our community: Who gets what? At what cost? She thinks we should base policy and budget decisions on our shared values and priorities.”

Others describe Sara as:

·      Principled

·      Thoughtful

·      Articulate

·      Dedicated

·      Caring

Sara is well positioned to consult around a range of educational issues and to provide assessment and intervention in reading, written language and math.

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