Every student deserves
great reading instruction

Students must learn to read well! It
must be a priority in the first years and throughout schooling. Reading is critical for student success in every other aspect of school and life.


Every student deserves
great math instruction

Students must develop math competence! Many parents have made it clear that this is a priority for them and they aren’t happy with what is happening. CBE absolutely must be responsive and make sure that our students return to being at the top in math.


The Board must
function effectively

Right now, members of the public too often feel that the ‘real’ truth about CBE schools is being kept from them. The system is not seen as open, honest and straightforward. Sara knows that this must change! We must have a Board that is as open as possible!


About Sara

Students are Sara's only priority and she knows what is important for students! Sara holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education, and a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. She is a registered psychologist with particular expertise in learning disabilities. Sara is passionate about public education and student learning, and had a variety of roles working for the Calgary Board of Education for nearly 20 years. She left the CBE in 2016.

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