Donor update

I received another $100 donation this morning from a friend. 

So ... new numbers 

$1,064 in total donations in amounts of $100 or less.

$3,200 in donations in amounts over $100.

Here's a re-print from earlier (to save you scrolling):

I have received a total of $3,200 in donations in amounts over $100.

$200 from Carol Bazinet, Calgary, AB

$250 from Wayne Herbert, Edmonton, AB

$1,000 from Kathy Krug, Calgary, AB

$250 from Brad Law, Edmonton, AB

$1,000 from Jack and Irene Peltier, Calgary, AB

$500 from Denise Watts, Calgary, AB

Grand total of donations to date = $4,164

And I got a text from my step-sister today telling me she plans to make a small donation. I'll keep updating as needed! 

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