Financial Disclosure

Right around the time that I announced in June that I would run, I made it clear I would not be indebted to any special interest. I truly do not want to see "big money" control school board elections in Calgary. It's clear to me at this stage, that at least one of my opponents seems to have much bigger money than do I! So I know has ended up being part of this election, whether I like it or not. 

On September 19th I made an early financial disclosure so that people could get a clear sense of how my campaign is being financed. Please scroll back in this blog to see what I said way back then. I couldn't provided names then because my donors weren't yet aware it might be a campaign issue.

On the 20th of September I made further comment about campaign financing. At the forums that have been held, I commented that I'd be happy to do early disclosure if my "over $100 donors" were okay with it. 

I've now heard back,  and each of them is fine with me providing this disclosure early.

All of my donations, to date, are from friends and family. I made a promise not to take any corporate or union donations and I have (of course!) kept it. I would also like to be unequivocally clear, that I do not have access to any political party lists or other lists of potential donors. I have not got financial backing of any sort (or any other backing) from any party affiliated politician or their organization / support systems. I do have help and support from former Trustees. 

So far I have received $864 in total donations in amounts of $100 or less. Quite a few others have pledged to send something. 

I have received a total of $3,200 in donations in amounts over $100.

$200 from Carol Bazinet, Calgary, AB

$250 from Wayne Herbert, Edmonton, AB

$1,000 from Kathy Krug, Calgary, AB

$250 from Brad Law, Edmonton, AB

$1,000 from Jack and Irene Peltier, Calgary, AB

$500 from Denise Watts, Calgary, AB

I will update this, should further donations over $100 be received. 

All expenses not covered by these donations will be self-funded. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 


You should know where the money is coming from!

You should know where the money is coming from!

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