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Here, you will get insight about books and resources that are important to my practice. Click on links if you want info about how to get these resources. I mark affiliate links as I develop them. Money made from affiliate links supports my ability to spend time building out useful and free information on this site and the Dyslexia Support Calgary Facebook group.

reading in the brain - stanislaus dehaene

This is a really interesting volume with lots of theory and the supporting research that demonstrates what is going on in the reading brain. Click on the image (affiliate link).

Road to reading - bonita blachman and darlene tangel

This is a practical guide from which you can start teaching reading or providing intervention. This is one of many resources based on the “right ideas” from what the science says about teaching reading. Note though, that you’ll need cumulative decodable texts to implement these ideas with children. It isn’t a complete resource by itself. Click on the image (affiliate link).

Uncovering the Logic of English.jpg


Here’s the resource you need if you don’t want to explain all the complexities of phonics/spelling by saying “well that’s an exception”. This is the text that describes the logic of English. Once you are familiar with the ideas from Uncovering the Logic of English, you’ll be ready to explore the (linked) website for all of the teaching resources (teacher guides, books, workbooks, games and other resources) you might need to teach the Logic of English.

Catch-up readers.jpg

Decodable texts

Key Resources for Struggling Readers

Phonic Books offer decodable texts that introduce grapheme-phoneme correspondences (letter-sound relationships) in small doses (just a few sounds at first) and then add more, cumulatively. A growing number of these books are available via However, I’ve also ordered many of the resources directly from England (click on the image to link to the website with a wide range of books, workbooks and games). They ship quickly but be prepared to pay GST / Customs Duties when you order from overseas. Ongoing clients (assessment, intervention, program planning, consulting) can borrow these resources and exchange them as needs change over time. This is a far more economical approach than families buying these themselves and there is no charge for those who have paid or are paying for ongoing intervention or consulting services.

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