Thank you so much for any contribution you are able to make!



If you can make a financial contribution to help get Sara elected, the easiest way is to send an Interac e-transfer to sara@sarapeden.causing a security question that you are confident she will know the answer to. For example “Name of Sara’s male dog?” (By the way … did you know that the picture showing Sara and her dog on the home page, is her and her boy, Chance?).

For donations of more than $100, please include a message with your name, address (including postal code), and phone number (or send a separate message).

If you prefer to use a credit card choose the DONATE or PayPal buttons at the bottom of this page. 

If neither of those work for you, just email Sara at to make arrangements for her to receive cash or a cheque.

Please read the following before donating, so that you know what my commitments have been and how disclosure works.

  • There are no tax receipts available for donations to School Trustee election campaigns. You will just be helping out, from the goodness of your heart!
  • Donations of $100 or less do not call for disclosure.
  • For donations of over $100 you are asked to provide the information needed for a disclosure form that Sara must submit after the election. The disclosure form becomes publicly available, within the Board of Trustees section, on the CBE website.
  • Sara has committed to not take corporate or union donations so please make personal donations only.

Thank you so much for any contribution you are able to make!

volunteer/Get a lawn sign

Will you help get Sara elected?

She need help with lots of tasks, such as:

1- social media assistance / support

2- sign construction (attaching stakes to signs)

3- sign installation

4- literature delivery

5- door knocking with Sara to talk to people about her candidacy

6- retrieving signs after the election

7 – anything you want to volunteer to do, that might help

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

If you are willing to VOLUNTEER, just email our volunteer coordinator, Jane, using or use our Contact form here. 

Include any information about specific tasks you would (or would not) like to do and Jane (or her delegate) will get back to you soon.  

We need to have lots of LAWN SIGNS! If you live in Ward 12 or 14 and would be willing to have a sign on your lawn during the campaign (Sept 18 - Oct 16) please let us know. We promise to take it away again right afterwards! To get a LAWN SIGN, use our Contact form here. Please include your street address and phone number in the Message section. Thanks!