The Board must function effectively

Calgarians want to hear about the true strengths of our system. At the same time, we want to face short-comings where they exist. We are eager to get to work addressing them. The way to do this is by making sure we have Trustees who will ask the right questions. Trustees must have the courage to follow up and to press for the truth about where we are.  They must be able to tell when the answers are real. They must be able to tell when responses are avoiding the real questions. Sara has that skill set.

For years, there have been complaints about the lack of transparency in the CBE. Surprisingly, we have seen great increases in the amount of information available. Monitoring reports and budget documents include more and more information all the time. Nevertheless, there is a sense that we aren’t getting straightforward answers. The questions that parents and the public really want answered aren’t being answered in the way parents and the public need.  We want plain language that speaks directly to what the public wants to know. One of Sara’s strengths as a Trustee will be to bring change to public question/answers and to public reports. This will result in the public knowing what it needs to know, and seeing the CBE as open and transparent.